We are able to provide you with a full refund when you didn't receive the right product or sizing. Or when your product wasn't delivered within our guaranteed delivery time of 30 days.
We are not able to provide a refund when for example:

  1. Your order didn’t arrive due to factors within your control (for example you provide us with the wrong shipping address. Duh.)
  2. Your order didn’t arrive due to one or other circumstances outside the control of lillys amsterdam (for example: not cleared by customs, a tornado or other natural disasters).
  3. Your order has been placed at a discount or within a sale. In this case you can still swap your order amount for other products.

Want to refund your order?
Step 1. Make a note with your name, order number, and reason of returning. 
Step 2. Send the jewelry in original packaging and condition + the note to :

Lillys Amsterdam BV
Palmdwarsstraat 40
1015 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands


When returning an item, please make sure to remove any previously used postage labels. As soon as we receive your return, we will make sure to handle your request.